30 June 2011

e-books, anyone?

I realize that I do not have a regular readership, but I am looking to understand the new literature culture of e-books, and would like to hear from you - anyone of you!

What do you think of e-books and e-readers? Are you a reader? An e-author?

Let me know in the comments, please!

"Boy Meets Girl"

There's a child being raised today whose parents won't tell the child's gender. This particular segment of this show came to mind. Do you remember this show? Every year we watched in school on special days and I remember enjoying it. I know now it was mostly (all?) about gender equality; even so, in this scene they had to admit that there was something different.

Was it ONLY the body parts, like they seem to want to enforce here? Or have we figured out that we really are different in more ways than this? A girl may want to be a fireman, and a boy a cocktail waitress, but it doesn't change the fact that we were made male or female. "It's all right to cry" for boys and girls (thanks, Rosie), but that doesn't mean that we're interchangeable in every way.