01 October 2013

Another Lady, Another Lesson

Good reading today:

"Lessons in Modesty"
in the blog, My Crazy Eclectic Life


The thing about being the "Old Fashioned Lady" is knowing that I am not the only one striving to learn more about this pattern of life. And there is no single pattern; every old fashioned lady is unique.

Sometimes we are learning about modesty, about its many facets and beauties, about how it fits and rather, doesn't fit, into our modern world.

Sometimes we are learning about home and family, and learning that woman's intuition, women's magazines and women's retreats are not all that we need in order to make the best decisions; especially as every lady is unique, blessed with her own set of friends, family members, loved ones, culture, religion, faith, belief, and style.

Sometimes we are simply learning a better way to eat, clean, work, teach, help, volunteer, dress, exercise, or fix our hair. Yet even in learning something "new", we are still learning something "old fashioned." There is nothing really new, just new technologies in getting it done.

I hope that if you find this little blog, which I have not kept up with over the past few years very well, that you will find something interesting, something encouraging, something helpful, maybe even something to make you smile. I hope that you will remember that there is nothing wrong with being a lady, even in this modern world. And given the globalization of nearly every culture, language, and spiritual understanding, I hope you will remember that it is more than just all right to be a little old fashioned.