15 May 2013

Let's Let Love Win

Biking in the rain
Photo by Dave Bryson from Your BC: The Tyee's Photo Pool.
I biked home in the rain today.
Cool tears washed over me from above
While warm wet tears ran down my face
I wept for a man I never met
I wept for a family I may never know
I wept for a 2 year old girl who will only know her dad through stories and photographs
I wept for a wife and a family who will have this pain still next week
When the rest of us have moved on to the next “news” story...
and I wept for the injustice of it all
Tim and Sharlene Bosma are shown with their baby girl. Tim Bosma has been missing since Monday, May 6.
Tim and Sharlene Bosma are shown with their baby girl. photo from the Star.com
 I find myself doing that a lot
Weeping for injustice...

and I'm getting tired of it
I'm tired of crying for children around the world with not enough to eat
I'm tired of hurting for countless women abused by countless Johns
I'm tired of words and actions that lash out but do not build up
I'm tired of loneliness, poverty, war, vulgarities, and people just watching it all happen
Idly sitting by
Distracted by Survivor, hockey playoffs, and Facebook
Overcome with bills and school and work
and we want to be better and do something but we don't
I'm tired of hate and violence winning

I want Love to win.
I want a Love revolution
Let's get rid of drive thru's so we can drink coffee together
Let's meet our neighbours and have a barbeque with them
Let's go for a walk
Let's play games with our children and invite their friends to play with us too
Let's sit with the homeless and be home together
Let's go to the senior's home and play cards with our new friends there
Let's see one another as God's children – even the ones that hard to love
Let's draw, paint, write, and sing
Let's take risks
Let's be silly and fun
Let's put on old records and dance
Let's find the hurting and love them
Let's let people love us in our hurts
Let's rip off our masks of having it all together
Let's be real and honest and true
Let's forgive.
Let's move on
Let's be let's...
Let us let love win...
found on Facebook
by Gil Clelland,
of Sanctuary London, (London, Ontario)

06 May 2013

Who Is Responsible for Our Children?

Click to read:
Children stolen by the state | Mail Online

"In care" in Britain is like our "in custody" or under care of an appointed guardian. I'm reading too many cases lately, unconnected, about the dreadful "children's "aid" services" around the world. Children literally taken from their parents arms and put in foster homes, not due to any crime but because of things that really any parent could be "accused" of. In Sweden, due to homeschooling and a cavity; other parents have left the country to avoid losing their children. In Germany, families have left or have lost their children due to differences in child rearing. We all have heard of cases of "child abuse" by spanking and the consequences. You can contest, but courts take "forever" to go through, and I know people who have been in the system for literally years, not having full protection over their own children, because of these "aid" services. We still hear of abuse cases where children have died at the hands of parents, and yet non violent parents have their children taken away. Children report of sexual abuses at the hands of parents, but child services only manage to separate families who don't want to give their children immunization shots. When did we give up parents' rights to the government services? We are not so different from the state of things in the UK, as pointed out in this article.

Caveat: I studied social work for one year in university, along with psychology, and left these studies because my own conscience wouldn't allow me to participate in such arbitrary and subjective fields (and very difficult to supervise therefore). I wanted to help people, but realized that the "industry" of helping people ... doesn't, much of the time. Not all helpers are crooked or merely reporting families so that they don't lose their jobs. Not all supervisors are only about the money to their department. Not all lawyers are callous. But look at the statistics. Look at the numbers. Obviously, something is wrong.

I'm not calling for children aid services bans, no. Let's not be silly. But something is so very wrong in our world, when parents in some countries will sell their own children to adoptive parents on the other side of the world who don't know they're participating in child stealing and selling; when children in normal homes with ups and downs are torn apart; when parents not only live in fear of thugs at public schools but in fear of social working bullies who will act on an anonymous report from a neighbor who doesn't know the family. When a father or mother is automatically removed of rights to their children because of some law or one subjective "psychological report" rather than a careful interviewing of that individual by a gamut of people.

Worldwide, we are "without natural affection". How utterly miserable we all are.

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