22 November 2016

What To Post in Social Media

Someone once posited: "What would Jesus post?"

I keep thinking, it's probably not: "Look at how bad things are! Look at what idiots some people are! See here, this bad thing? These bad people? Just look! Look and share with everyone how bad the world is! All is lost! Take up arms! Or at least pass on this post about the bad in the world!"

But I read the sermons and lessons he taught in the middle of a bad age. In the midst of bad, be holy, he said. Lean on him. When he had a problem with the leaders and Pharisees, he told them to their faces. He wept over the bad and the sad. He taught his disciples how to personally live rightly, in truth, with mercy.

He came to earth - and taught love and peace and submission to God, and suffered abuse and died - so that we could live. Abundantly.

What can I possibly do to change the feelings of others by posting something "faceless-ly" in Facebook? Can I even convince other followers of Christ that they might be missing the point that Christ made, even if I post his scripture? How much less those who don't believe in him, even if I post human opinion?

I read that we are to walk as he walked. Strengthening and encouraging others who want to hear. Not merely pointing out sin and then leaving people in fear and guilt, but also offering the good news, the Gospel: a better Way.


Today I am thankful for those who post good and healthy words. Who share joy and personal sorrows/needs as they ask others to come together in prayer, who realize that we all need each other. I'm thankful for those who post day to day good things: loving families, clever kids, the humor in a situation, encouraging stories, beautiful scenes of this earth we live on, personal victories and discoveries, hope. Even those who might post a thoughtful piece of warning or advice, if that ends with a call to humble action, for justice, or for mercy, or for good and healthy living.

"Do not let unwholesome, foul, profane, worthless, or vulgar words ever come out of your mouth, but only such speech as is good for building up others, according to the need and the occasion, so that it will be a blessing to those who hear you speak." Ephesians 4:29 (AMP)

Let your words be like gifts of gold wrapped up in silver. Like snow in autumn, they may come as a shock, but they should ultimately refresh others.


I'm just a middle aged white woman from the suburbs. This is what I know to do.