19 December 2006

Thoughts about a funeral - 15 Dec.

What I Did Today

I spent the morning in cleaning, laundry, breakfast and struggling with school work. I spent the afternoon at a funeral for a beautiful young woman who was the mother of two little girls. Donna had troubles, and had given birth to her first child at 16. But, as one of her cousins said, she always had a smile on her face, and her curls always fell perfectly around that face. Her family loved her, enjoyed being with her, and in her daughter's case, looked up to her. She loved and lived and laughed. And her friends and family loved and stood still and cried this afternoon. Maybe some were asking, "why?" Maybe some wondered, "where is she now?" I heard her mother, who is ill both mentally and physically, calling her name and crying her heart out so literally that it hurt every soul in the room. Her cousins and aunts and uncles walked around with tears in their eyes, and with no words to say. No father was there for her, or for her daughter, other than their heavenly Father who loves them so dearly. My husband had to officiate, and I know it was hard.

The skies were gray and cold and rainy, and when it was all over, the traffic was heavy and crowded. I came home so that the wonderful young lady who was "babysitting" for us could go be with her friends, and I was so grateful that she could be there to play with and watch over our children while we were out. Then I spent the evening in cleaning, laundry, a snack and our "Friday night movie night" at home. We watched the Muppet's version of "A Christmas Carol".

Donna was so pretty, and she had a lovely smile which showed her attitude of friendliness and kindness to others. I didn't know her well personally, but my eyes still fill with tears. I don't ask "why?" or "where is she now?" Or even "what could I have done?" It just hurts.
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