16 April 2007

Commitment to Loveliness

I have long been a lurking fan of "Charming the Birds from the Trees" blog (see link in the "Ladies' Blogs" list, left) - well, for a couple of months anyway. Her occasional "Commitment to Loveliness" entries and links to other ladies who are committing to doing lovely things, makes me think of things that I can do as well to be a blessing to my husband and my family, and my friends as well. I have made up mental lists in the past of my own, but today, I will write them down, and post the link to her page. Perhaps if more ladies would not be afraid to strive for loveliness, then it would be more acceptable to be lovely - and not scorned upon by so many as trivial or childish or ignorant. Even Paul the Apostle encouraged all of of to think on lovely things, in Philippians 4:8. It must be something to take seriously.

1. I will listen to more lovely music, that which is calming and encouraging, healthful if possible, including some old hymns tapes that I have and can sing along to. I haven't sung along with my work for so long, and I used to all the time. (See my Pandora radio station, left, for my present choices)

2. I will use lotion more and work on these fingernails.

3. I will use the law of kindness on my tongue, and try to answer softly. So I must work on patience and not answering right away too.

4. I will continue to choose the pretty skirts and tops that I bought (and the salwar kameez suit I was given, see entry below), and not slack off and go back to those uncomfortable old blue jeans. Maybe I will pack those away to save for painting the house times.

5. I will end the day with my evening stretches, breathing exercises and, of course, prayers, to ease my mind and create a more lovely home to rest and to awake in. I must begin thinking of some appropriate lovely pajamas or gown to get now.

I hope these encourage you as well.
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