25 October 2007

So How Does "the World" View Modesty?

Grumpy old lady warning:

Does anyone still read "Dear Abby"? Apparently so, and they're still going to her for advice. In an article from October 19, she seems to say that it's "OK" to be modest and walk to the beat of a different drummer, at the same time pointing out that you are indeed "old fashioned" if you are more modest than your average slumber party girl. Oh, and she says to "grow a thick skin" - apparently an old fashioned modest girl needs it. Thanks for your encouraging advice, Abby. Way to keep "old fashioned" as the bad word here. /sarcasm

"About.com" has gotten in their say on the matter by ... putting it up for discussion. Reading some of the comments by grown women / mothers is kind of disheartening. Going nude or nearly nude, they seem to come to a consensus on, is just "being confident". Either that or just ignorant and unconcerned about it.

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