29 August 2008

Old Fashioned Christian Parenting

Ah, "Family Life Today".

I listen to this online radio program from time to time, and have come across some good topics for Christian families. This past week on the broadcast, "Ginger Plowman, . . . author of the book Don't Make Me Count to Three, talks with Dennis Rainey [the show's host] about a parent's sometimes daunting task of disciplining children with love."

Click here for the series for listening and transcripts :

* Disciplining With Love (Day 1 of 5)
* Scolding--An Angry Response to Misbehavior (Day 2 of 5)
* Dealing with Whining, Tattling, and Sibling Rivalry (Day 3 of 5)
* Avoiding Traps of Ineffective Discipline (Day 4 of 5)
* No More Whining! (Day 5 of 5)

There is no non-Biblical or "sectarian" doctrine taught in this series of discussions. This is more like sitting around the table talking with other Christians about how to live according to God's will, and is not a "sermon" or Bible class situation. It's probably what we should be doing as older men and women with the younger ones among us. And there's some stuff us "older" folks can still be learning, right?

Christian ladies and gentlemen: People would rather see our sermon - how we live with and treat our families - than listen to our stumbling words uttered from a pulpit. And we all learn by observing truth in action. More of us are preachers and teachers than we realize. We'd better be sure we're "proclaiming" the right things in everything we do, as unto the LORD. And thankfully, we were never told in any scripture (that I am aware of) that we have to "wing it" on our own; rather we are to encourage one another, and let your light so shine that those in the dark may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Praying for one another . . .
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