18 July 2007

"Ladies' Days" in the Old Days Had to be Green

"Women of ancient cultures couldn’t buy feminine hygiene products at the supermarket or drugstore chain, so they improvised, fashioning them instead out of various natural and biodegradable materials — from papyrus and wool to grasses and vegetable fibers. Modern women, however, have relied on a variety of disposable products that create significant after-use waste and can also be dangerous to their health. "
An article on the use of feminine hygiene products, aimed at modern women of all types. It made me think of what the ladies in the old days must have done, and still retained their ladyship. I won't research that particular thing, but I will pass on the link to this article. Being earth friendly during times when you just want to be alone...

Please read: Greener and Healthier Feminine Hygiene
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