05 July 2007

Living Modestly, in another sense

The Walled Garden posted some wonderful thoughts about living more "modestly", in the sense that was brought up in the article I posted the other day called "the 13th Sunday" (see previous post). Her article refers to sponsorship of someone in need, and may seem to be from only a "Roman Catholic" perspective - but we all know that there is some lovely Truth in living simply. The more I have, the less I can do; do you see? "If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things," wrote Norman Douglas.

I know that some people feel that a truly old-fashioned lady has a room full of fru-fru and antiques and lots of other bric a brac. To quote an old-fashioned song, "It ain't necessarily so." Give some further thought to living modestly, in other ways than merely dressing appropriately.
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