07 August 2007

"Why does she want to become like a man?"

Woman as capable as man in inner nature & spirituality, 08.01.2007, IndiaPost.com The author tackles the differences from the Indian worldview, and concludes thus:

Why does she want to become like a man? Because somewhere she still thinks that she is inferior and man is superior, so she wants to become like him. The question of inferiority or superiority only comes in a prejudiced mind. It is just a question of two qualities. It is not a question of who is inferior and who is superior.

Someone once told me, "Women have been told a lie, and they believed it. They were told that it was not good enough to be a woman, and they thought that the only way to have worth was to be a man."

But it is good to be a woman. Men and women both need to realize that the difference is real, and it is very good. (Mark 10:6)(Genesis 1:31)

As the author of the above article also points out: "Women are trying to become like men. If that happens, the damage will be even greater. If a woman loses her femininity, her feminine nature, she will become ugly."
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