04 November 2007


"Living Apart... Together"

Click on the above title to read the article at MSNBC. It's not old-fashioned. It's not a 100% lady, though she's got potential. They're not actually Godly either. Just two happily married people with children, living in the city, who don't live together.

They're real people. And apparently they're not the only ones living this way.

Maybe I'm just "rubber necking", as they call it - turning to look at something and possibly wasting time at it because it's just so unbelievable and yet real.

I cannot actually think of anything to say after reading it, because, thoughtful lady that she was, she pretty much thought of anything that we might be thinking and addressed it in the article: why, how, what were you thinking, what about the kids, your friends, is this selfishness ... ?

And in the words of my beloved little brother, "Hey, I think this milk is going bad. You try it."
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