30 November 2007

Long Skirts - Beautiful

I've almost completely shifted to wearing long skirts. There are so many styles popular now, from denim to dressy to East Indian, that are pretty, comfortable, and I can wear all day long, every day, even when cleaning the house! And I don't think I've ever had to worry about modesty when wearing them.

Long skirts are more practical than shorter skirts too (when they're fuller of course) in winter when you can wear leggings underneath for warmth. I even have one skirt that's made of a sweat suit type material that I've worn my old jeans underneath to play in the snow! The jeans were the uncomfortable part.

Did you ever notice how jeans can crinkle up behind your bent knees when you sit, especially if you have to get on the floor? A lot of bending pulls the denim across your knees in the front, and I'm not even going to go into the discomfort around the crotch at certain times. And how hot they are in the summer time.

Modesty, femininity, ease, comfort, practicality. I think there must have been a time when I'd have said, "who me? wear a skirt all day?" I'm glad I got over it.

Photo of fleece skirt above from The Mouse Works.com
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