09 January 2008

You Are Not Alone

I have been very encouraged since I got more involved in reading and researching online. I have found that I am, after all, not the last modest, old-fashioned lady-wannabe in the world. There are thousands of us - and these are just the ladies on line! I have found ladies of all sorts who want to dress more modestly, but feel that they are alone in their region, city, church, temple, mosque, click, school, workplace... . I have found ladies of all sorts in all these places who desire - intelligently - to cover their heads, to be at home and rear up their own children, to submit joyfully to a spiritually minded man. It makes me more and more sure that there really is a one-substantial Truth to the old fashioned values of home, family, femininity, motherhood, purity and spirituality. Some of us don't get it all the way. Some of us were reared up in a culture or home or tradition that excluded our ability to find the whole Truth, but we stayed faithful to that Truth that we were seeking. Some of the ladies I've found online and in books had to really leave their father and mother, their homeland, the religious background which they grew up adhering to. But did not leave their searching - and finding - of Truth.

Now this is a very deep and thoughtful entry to a post which will include some video clips of a television situation comedy. A Canadian comedy, too, if that makes any difference to you. I was really interested in seeing how the show was handled since I heard that it came out last year, and now that the first season is available on DVD, we've checked it out at the library. I am seeing so many similarities to situations that could be anywhere, anytime - just substitute certain words, phrases and styles of dress, and you really do have just another family sit-com. I'm actually proud of the Islamic lady who decided to do this: in one episode the young lady doctor (who is orthodox and liberal at the same time) is confronted with - not a push into premarital sex, but merely - a date! She dresses modestly. She has problems with her open-minded Mother. (seen in the first clip here) All have to deal with preconceived notions, both their own and from others. Using humor to get to know one another better is not a new idea. I really do like the idea of this TV show (if I had to choose between this and Seinfeld or the Simpsons, or Malcolm in the Middle, this one would win for me, though we actually don't watch TV - remember, this is us checking the DVD from the library).

I suppose in a way, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I like the show. So I'm not recommending it - it would be like recommending that you watch TV, and I can't really do that. But if you must watch something, check out these little clips of CBC's "Little Mosque on the Prairie", and know that it's the same all over.

Mothers and Daughters on Headcovering and Dating - don't let this happen to you!

Father and Daughters on Modesty - really don't let this happen to you!
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