27 January 2008

Modest Fashion is For Everyone

Ascot decrees what not to wear at races

"Shoulder straps no thinner than an inch, no bare midriffs or mismatching trouser-suits and a decree from on-high that all women should cover their heads by wearing a "substantial fascinator [an ornate lace or feathered head covering]". Or a hat."

No - this is not the latest religious college banquet regulations. This is the worldly and world renowned "Royal Ascot" races held in the UK, in an "attempt by the authorities at Royal Ascot to bring back what many say is some much-needed class into one of the racing world's most iconic and fashionable dates."

"Much-needed class"? Girls have balked since before I was in junior camp about that "shoulder straps no thinner than an inch" rule. Little did they realize that even the worldly world sees that as part of being "un-classy". Read the whole article at the above link; here are a few clips:

"Each June the champagne tents, newspaper columns and letters pages fill with renewed mutterings about the increase of bare midriffs and overly visible cleavages on display." - A lady shouldn't be guilty of something that the fashion conscious material world mutters against, should she?

"The ultimate Ascot faux pas, the miniskirt, is now officially non grata and "considered unsuitable"." Hmmm - get that? The "ultimate ... faux pas, the miniskirt".

""What we're trying to do is make it much clearer to badge-holders what constitutes respectable daywear," said an Ascot spokesman, Nick Smith." - The word is "respectable". Our young ladies (and some who are older) balk at these kinds of guidelines, setting them up as some kind of "Talibanish regime", randomly enforced by parents and schools. If "respectable" people in the world understand what standards of dress are - and even go so far as to call them "classy" - then what in the world are our Sisters complaining about?

And finally, from a sports commentator: "My advice is that if you feel like you're dressed like an exhibitionist you probably are and maybe you should modify your attire."

And, /rant
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