30 April 2008

Outward Appearance

Don’t assume oppression because of extremely modest dressing or old-fashioned styles
- mensnewsdaily.com

That's the thought of the article, and a sentence worth thinking about.

How many "old fashioned ladies" are assumed to be oppressed by their husbands or religious leaders? ashamed of their bodies? ignorant and out of touch with reality?

Since modesty goes much deeper into a person's heart than just what they put on, it behooves those who do not understand the concept of modesty to quit judging those who practice modesty of dress and behaviour by their own standards of un- modesty. Would anyone want to be judged a "loose woman", mannish, or femi-nazi by mere appearances, when they were not? Of course, everyone wants to be known for who they really are - appearances shouldn't matter.

But, as scripture says, "Man looks on the outward appearance, but [only] God sees the heart."
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