08 April 2008

"the title of lady has gone out with the word modesty"

I'm just going to repost this article word for word, from Barbara Bova, of naplesnews.com.

Women don’t need a black belt to defend themselves

What do hatpins and stiletto heels have in common?

Recently the Boston public transportation system has engaged the services of uncover agents to catch gropers on their trains. Gropers are those slimy perverts who grab women’s breasts and other private parts in public situations that mask their actions.

Crowds. Movie theaters. Elevators.

However, with media attention, it seems that everything gets blown out of proportion these days. Every discomfort is solved with another bureaucratic taxpayer-supported program when there are proactive ways to handle the problem.

Women were once able to figure out how to fend for themselves. They were once a self-sufficient sex. But now that women are equal, they want to be more than equal. That means getting government help for every distraction.

Gropers can be contained. Women just need to use their brains more. Gropers are nothing more than perverts who should and can be stopped by their prey before they attack. That’s where hatpins come in handy. I grew up riding the New York subway system. It was there I learned that a hatpin in the hand is a worthy instrument for defense. Anyone getting too close for comfort found himself pricked and quickly moved away. Perverts don’t pick on women who look fierce. They want the meek and mild who won’t put up a fuss but just look embarrassed and not harassed. The hatpin is a great weapon in any dangerous situation.

Another wonderful method of defense is the stiletto heel. These shoes may be horrible for the back and for long walks but they are remarkable armaments. Once, when my cousin was sitting in a movie theater, the man next to her tried to grope her. She got up from her seat and as she passed him by, she stomped her stiletto heel into his foot. I bet that was the last time he ever groped any woman again. This can also work well in a crowded bus or train. Sneakers, on the other hand, are comfy but can’t ward off a groper.

These days girls or young women (the title of lady has gone out with the word modesty) are inclined to wear clothes that are barely there. Common sense has been exchanged for the political correctness nonsense that says women are free to wear whatever they want. That women have turned to looking like hookers and Lolitas just ignores the nature of men. [emphasis mine, LM]

Nature intended that men impregnate any and all females. That’s why there are harems in the so many cultures. That’s why many Muslim men make their women cover up. They are just admitting that the males in their culture are animals in heat and can’t control their sexual urges. Their solution is not to control their desires but to hide their women so other men won’t be tempted. In a way this makes some sense, but it also makes women prisoners.

Here in the U.S., women are free to show it all. Some apparently think this makes them more attractive. Instead, they have tossed out the mystery and allure females once possessed when they had some modesty. American men are no different from men in other countries. Look at all the men of power and politics who have ruined their lives because they succumbed to their basest desires. A woman doesn’t have to wear a chador to be safe here but those who play enticing games to attract male attention should be ready for some nasty things to happen, especially in a crowded public transport.

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