14 June 2008

Old Fashioned Man

Please condsider this: old fashioned ladies need old fashioned gentlemen - just as they need us. Check the following links:

Manhood: Let the Truth be Told
series from "Family Life Today" - also see this website for other information on Biblical (i.e. "old-fashioned") men, women and families

My Man, My Protector 6/13/2008 (Day 3 of 3)
Dennis Rainey talks with Promise Keeper President Tom Fortson and his wife of more than 36 years, Toni, about a man's responsibility to protect his family spiritually and physically.
Guests Include: Tom & Toni Fortson

Mentoring the Next Generation 6/12/2008 (Day 2 of 3)
Eliminate the leader--the man from the home, and the family is up for grabs.' Those are the words of Promise Keeper President, Tom Fortson. Tune in to hear Tom share a heartwarming story about his own father's love for him.
Guests Include: Tom & Toni Fortson

Exposing the Truth About Pornography 6/11/2008 (Day 1 of 3)
There's a problem in our midst, and it's destroying our sons. Tom Fortson, president and CEO of Promise Keepers, talks with Dennis Rainey about the widespread problem of pornography.
Guests Include: Tom & Toni Fortson


See also my blog entry from last Father's Day.
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