20 June 2012

Old Fashioned Food - Not SuperSweet

I keep asking why there's sugar in EVERYthing you buy, and of course it's all down to money. I read recently where Ethiopia is displacing people so they can grow more sugar - it might be good for the gov't economy, but it'll destroy other things (Okeechobee and Big Sugar much?). You know people used to say 'what's the big deal about tobacco?' too. Check out the article linked below. 

Let me clarify - I for one do not advocate a ban on sugar; just a better level of moderation. No one is saying that sugar is evil. This is not about conspiracy (hopefully). And, Are we to care well for the bodies we are given or not?

I always think to myself, if God called the promised land one of "milk and honey", then these things can't be bad for us, rather a blessing. Then likewise if Jesus is called the "bread of life", bread itself is a blessing and always good for us. God would not compare Jesus to something life-giving and healthy if we are supposed to shun it in order to be truly healthy. I think that this is why among "those healthy people" the ancient grains are making a comeback; like pure milk and raw honey, our "scientific improvements" to any foods are neither.
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