23 January 2007

A Commitment to Loveliness

I just skipped across this weblog, by a 26 year old Mama with a little baby, and thought it a sweet sentiment. We can be modest and chaste ladies without turning into old frumps, right? ;)


From : My Commitment to Loveliness for January 21 - January 28...

* With the cold weather finally here, I will be sure to moisturize my skin (especially my face, hands, and elbows) each day this week.
* I will pack away all of the clothes that my sweet girl has outgrown ( I was able to weed them out last week but just piled the clothes onto the floor of the nursery.).
* I will drink lots of water (instead of lots of Pepsi)!
* I will plan a special date night for Husband to enjoy with me... it might even include a bottle of sparkling cider and a video rental! Hopefully Baby Bear will cooperate!
* Since I got my hair cut this past Friday, I will be sure to "do" it everyday... I will also wear makeup each day (even if I have no place to go).


Here's part of my own "commitment to loveliness" this week:
*get and wear pretty sweaters instead of sweatshirts and old tops that don't fit anymore
*seriously work on those fingernails
*organize the girls' clothes in their room
*practice only speaking words that are encouraging - in an encouraging way!
*keep up with the "flylady" basics in the kitchen
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