03 January 2007

"As I Pass Through"

A poem from a gracious older lady, known as "Granny" to a dear lady friend of mine

I want to leave a little cheer
A moment to laugh and sing
A little lightness in the heart
To replace the hurt and sting
I want to smile instead of frown
Smell roses instead of dust
And where there’s so much doubt and fear
I want to put a little trust

I want to laugh and dance and sing
I’m free – I’m free – I’m free
I want the word to feel much better
When it looks at me
I want my husband to be proud
To say that I am his
And to be proud that I’m the mother
Of his lovely kids

I want a beautiful diamond ring
To flash about awhile
Then I want to trade it for a doll
And give it to a child
I want to see the sun come up
And feel the morning breeze
Smell the coffee in my cup
And pray upon my knees

I want my daughters to feel loved
when they are there with me
Or many, many miles away
To be happy and joyful and free
I want them to know I’m proud of them
And the wonderful things they do
I want to earn their respect and love
And make them proud f me too

That I’m not an out-law in-law
I want my sons-in-law to know
And that I too would give my life
For the ones whom they love most
I want to spoil my grandchildren
And hold them to my breast
I want to tuck them in their beds
When they lie down to rest

I want to hear their giggles
And chatter of little words
And see their happy little faces
As they play in their world
I want to meet my mother
Inside the great white throne
I want to hold her close to me
And hear her sing a song

I want to see my daddy
And kinfolk who aren’t here
Sometimes I miss them so very much
And wish that they were here
I want to do so many things
One body just can’t do
I’ll do a little, God, each day
And leave the rest to you

© Estella Grace Watts
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