27 June 2007

"Trusting God's Plan"

Over at Oneplace.com, I came across the "Revive Our Hearts" podcasts. I found some really good thoughts in today's lesson, "Trusting God's Plan", from the series for singles. Marriage is not the only place to present the pure, sweet heart of a lady. The discussion is about how a lady, specifically a sister in Christ, can view men, not as date-ables or no-ways; but as brothers. As men. It is important for us to remember them as part of our lives, and that we treat them as they deserve. We cannot expect that they will be just what we want when we want it - especially when as a lady we are trying to really live a peaceful life of trust. So be careful where you place your focus.

If you are a Christian lady, be God's girl first of all, then a man's. If you call on any higher power than men, trust that Power and Love first, devoting yourself to the true and good things first.
It has been my experience that a lady does not run around with no guidance in life but a grasping after dreams. Her walk is balanced, her eyes are straightforward, and there is a lovely smile on her lips, for she knows how to walk in grace.
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