30 June 2007

Modesty in the News

Modest patient gowns?
New hospital gown preserves modesty
CLEVELAND, June 19 (UPI) -- The Cleveland Clinic has unveiled a new hospital gown that doesn't have that embarrassing flap in the back.

The new wrap-and-snap gown, which was designed by clinic employees, fastens on the side. WEWS-TV reported that the gown, which is longer than the old style, gives medical workers the access they need while protecting patients' modesty.

The hospital introduced the gown to patients last week, WEWS reported.

And there was much rejoicing.

In other news:

Orthodox Jewish group defends rights of Pentecostal
An Orthodox Jewish group is representing a member of a black Pentecostal church in a modesty case against New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Agudath Israel of America contacted Eric Stern, an Orthodox Jewish employment lawyer, to work on the case of Tahita Jenkins, a bus driver fired by the MTA for refusing to wear pants on the job, a requirement which violates the modesty requirements of her religion.

To MTA claims that wearing a skirt compromises the ability to drive, Stern responded, “There aren’t Orthodox women all over Brooklyn crashing into poles.”

Barbara Kay wrote an interesting editorial comment: "Modesty and the Church", for the National Post (Canada), regarding the recent announcement that some Catholic churches are having to come up with a list of what is acceptable to wear to a worship service. In the article, she writes, "Immodest dressing in church is more than indifference to the institution and the occasion, it is an aggressive show of disrespect for its history and its message...". Please read some of the responses to her article as well. Here is one of the great lines I read in the responses: "This is why it is so hard to live a virtuous life. Modesty requires judgment, common sense, delicacy, solidarity, strength. Maybe we should spread the word that modesty is synonymous of personal dignity and that it is worthwhile to struggle for it."

And finally, in a little different take on the term modesty, and living modestly, I found this thoughtful article in the Catholic Weekly: The 13th Sunday.

In another topic, the subject of femininity, I found this nice article in the Globe and Mail: "WAR ZONE BEAUTY TIPS: Conflict isn't pretty, but you can be." I don't completely agree with women in active military duty, but that aside, check out how this lady wants to still be a lady. I think it's lovely. :)
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