07 September 2007


Revive Our Hearts, with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, has been providing a series called: "Journey From Feminism to Freedom: A Conversation with Carolyn McCulley and Jennifer Epperson". Each lesson is about 25 minutes long, and you can listen from OnePlace with Windows Media, Real Media, or by downloading the mp3 file.
  1. Floating Into Feminism Jennifer Epperson thought getting married was like being swallowed up, so she had no interest in tying the knot. But on today's program, you'll hear about her journey toward transformation. "In my particular case, what I saw was: A married woman has her identity swallowed up by the man. I think there was something intrinsically fearful in my soul of being disempowered because I was a woman. ... "I think taking those stands and saying, “I will not . . . I will never . . .” were some type of insurance that my fearful soul was trying to put up, “No, don’t swallow me up. No, I don’t want to become insignificant.” "

  2. Is Man the Enemy? At one point in her life, Jennifer Epperson enjoyed watching men squirm under her harsh words, but then a big change came over her. Join in as Nancy continues a compelling conversation with Jennifer. "Women are tempted by their sin natures to compete with men. This is something that I came to understand ... that concept of the curse for women and that Hebrew word tshuwqah, which means "to have a desire for, a desire not sexual, but a desire to dominate and to master." That's always inherent in our life, and that came out in full force, in full bore, through feminism."

  3. Submission Impossible How does the biblical concept of submission work in the real world? Can a woman be submissive if she's the manager of male and female employees? Join in as Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Jennifer Epperson tackle these tough questions. "As a single woman, I don’t have a husband to submit to, but there are plenty of other biblical categories for me to submit in—to my pastor, to my boss, to other people as they have authority in my life. ... "I can either use the gifts that God has given me to build them up and to encourage them because I know what God is calling us to, or I can try to build myself up through demanding their time and attention, which never works."

  4. Making the Most of God A lot of women feel like the biblical idea of submission squashes their gifts and talents, but God knows better! Join in for this discussion about submission and God’s glory. "As I approached Ephesians 5:22 we read, “For wives, this means submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For a husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of the church. He is the Savior of His body, the church. As the church submits to Christ, so you wives should submit to your husbands in everything” (verses 23-24, NLT). ... "I couldn’t get beyond the fact that Christ never changes places with the church. So wives never change places with their husbands with regard to the role because there is an allegory there. "
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