01 February 2008

International Modesty

I've mentioned before, and I will say again: modesty, femininity, and all things that proclaim that ladies do exist and are far different from men IS A WORLD WIDE NEED. Let us not forget that this is something that goes back to how we were made male and female, and all cultures and religions know that this is true. Here, from Nigeria:

Celebrity - Thu, 24 Jan 2008

Her articulate disposition, sense of immorality and other area of godliness was one of the things discovered about his woman of essence to have been awarded the virtue woman of modesty award by a renowned monarch in Egbeda area of Lagos. Emelda Ahunna Osuji, who has taken it upon herself to correct all forms of immorality amongst the female gender of the society, mostly, those who go to nightclubs to sell their bodies, has started her campaign and she’s said to be spreading it across all the nightclubs in the nation about the essence of modest dress sense.

The Igbo big woman who is happily married to the easy going Mr. Osuji has perfected all plans to officially launch her pet project (slated to hold at Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Ikeja with crème-de-la-crème of the society in attendance) called Women and Modesty Worldwide. A fully registered Non governmental non-profit making organization that will solely address and tackle all forms of immorality and provocative dress sense that has become a norm in the society.

“I am floating this NGO because of my belief about modesty. Nigerian women are blessed in everything, beauty, brains and what have you, but a whole lots of us are ignorant of the fact that we don’t have to dress immorally to woo a man, if you still maintain high sense of immorality, those who will call you will call you, not until you are have naked before a man rushes to you. Though, some ladies, even at nightclubs may just dress provocatively to come and unwind but the men folk who are around will be reading a different meaning to it. So that zeal for modesty and passion for counseling the youths brought about the emergence of Women and Modesty Worldwide.” She concluded.
Source/Credits: ALONGE MICHAEL
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Another editorial I came across from Nigeria was in the Tide Online:

How appropriate is your dressing?
Saturday, Jan 26, 2008

Fashion is a universal language. Even if it wasn’t, globalisation of the world system that has made it so.

Apart from the fact that all persons across the world dress in one form of attire or the other, the present system of dressing among ladies seem to be taking a universal tone.

This is what civilisation and information technology can do.

But whether universal or not, what every individual should ask himself or herself before leaving the house each morning is, “I’m I appropriately dressed”?

It has been said time without number that the way we dress speak volumes about us. You certainly get hit on when you’re wearing a dress – as one secretary puts it – “down to your ankles and up to your neck” Ones dressing makes or mars one’s day.

We know that modesty sometimes, doesn’t guarantee that a guy will act properly. But ladies, we should stop telling ourselves that how we dress makes no difference and that it’s no one else’s business. That to some well meaning individuals may be complete nonsense. One enraged man has this to say “sometimes what I see ladies wear shouldn’t be called “dress” – it should be called “undress” it looks like some of my wife’s night gowns!”

He continued “And let me be diplomatic but honest. As a married man I know what I was thinking when I bought my wife’s nightgowns. What I want to know is: What you are also thinking ( as you put on such dress.)
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