05 April 2013

Going to the Prom or Modest Banquet?

Had my attention drawn to this article that was written last year about The Prom. Isn't it interesting that after all these years, The Prom is still a big issue with many young people and their old fashioned (or newly old fashioned) parents?

"Considerations Before Going to the Prom or Dancing | Godly Youth"

I got a bright idea. I thought I'd put together a listing of modest banquet style dresses for those young ladies that want to still have a special night of some kind and yet they don't believe that they can find anything modest to wear, because there isn't anything at the mall or the local bridal shop. Then I kept thinking...

Okay, so April is now fancy dress month. Here's your first and most popular "modest banquet dresses" websites, according to my most recent Google search, along with some photos, for ideas. Oh, and as always, this is a personal search and post, and I'm not getting paid for these free advertisements for the online stores. Unless they'd like to contact me... ;)

. . . And The Most Popular "Modest Banquet Dresses" Website According to Google Search Is:

A simple bolero that's easy to sew
Simple Bolero Pattern
Easy Prom Dress Pattern
Easy Prom Dress Pattern
ModestProm.com --   The all comprehensive site that includes tabs for buying (websites and physical stores in the United States), budgeting, bolero-ing and shrug-ing (patterns for coverups to make and wear over top of immodest tops), altering, sewing (fairly simple patterns), fitting and flattering, and fixing up. There's a link to Modest Prom Rentals (Store in Mapleton, Utah), and Modest Dress Rentals Online (for those not in Utah). The article on budgeting is very smart. "Finding affordable prom dresses is largely a matter of planning ahead and being creative." Alteration tips and patterns include ideas for lengthening and shortening of dresses, adding "fill-ins" for spaghetti straps or strapless dresses, and even attaching short sleeves. Links on the home page include sites that are LDS (Latter Day Saints) "temple friendly", if I can use that phrase. I have seen it used for years to describe modest wedding gowns, because though there are no specific rules about what can be worn in the temple, modest dress is emphasized, and shoulders and cleavage and thighs and backs should always be covered (this knowledge is from what I've read here and there; I'm not Mormon, but I do appreciate the emphasis on appearance, as the outside not only reflects the inside, but also is often the only thing that others will see).

"Fill In" for a strapless gown
If you don't use ModestProm for purchase or pattern, at least prayerfully peruse it for your own thoughts and ideas. According to the blog entry at Modest Dress Rentals Online: "Owner Chris Hash has been helping young ladies find or create modest prom dresses for many years via her web site ModestProm.com. Several years ago, she opened an in-home rental shop which offers exclusively modest dresses for rent, ModestPromRentals.com. The shop services the central Utah area." Congratulations on your well-organized, needful and welcome website, Chris Hash.

Dresses from Modest Dress Rentals Online
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